About the project

Parki ar minda is a non-profit eco-educational project co-founded by Mariam Pesvianidze and Tatiana Remneva.

Our goal is to offer comprehensive information and solutions for more eco-friendly life in Georgia. To achieve our goal we offer several products: produce bags & eco-taxi service; hold events – eco-networkings, public talks, clean ups & Clean Games, and SWAP-parties. We work with the general population and businesses consulting on sustainable and green practices.

Mariam Pesvianidze

Mariam is a film director. Her main areas of focus are documentary, commercials and concept videos. In addition to the film industry, she sometimes creates her works as a contemporary artist in the form of performance, installations, video art and street art. In 2014, she left Russia for Ukraine, then in 2015 she moved to Tbilisi, where she continued to work in the field of video production. In 2019, she successfully graduated from the Green Driver school of eco-trainers. During her studies, she rethought her consumption and, together with Tatiana Remneva, created a project Parki ar minda.

Even a couple years ago I was just as many people, every time I went grocery shopping I brought home a bunch of trash with me: plastic bags, plastic wrap, plastic foam trays, plastic bottles, etc. I didn’t think through where it all goes after I put it in a trash container outside the house. 

Few years ago I came across some information about how bad things are with all the trash generated by people: about the trash island, tons and tons of landslides in nature where nothing biodegrades. I understood that I can’t live like before just throwing everything in the trash bin. I realised that I need to change radically my approach to consumption

Tatiana Remneva

Tatiana is a communication specialist with more than 15 years of experience in PR, events & marketing communications. After moving to Tbilisi from Moscow worked in tourism and event planning. Wrote a guide book “Georgia for romantics”. Tatiana was among the first individuals, who started to sort waste at home for recycling in Tbilisi.

When I moved to Georgia I was astonished by the beauty of this country. But when I traveled around, I saw just endless plastic bags hanging on trees, floating in the rivers and rolling in the valleys. It is so sad, that this gorgeous land is so contaminated. And as a protest to this reality I started to refuse bags every time, when I went shopping. 

Gradually I learned about our footprint to nature and ways of reducing it. Zero-waste path is long and sometimes bumpy but not that hard in reality. You don’t need to change your life completely, just adjust your attitude.


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