Rules of glass recycling

Glass can be recycled indefinitely without losing original quality. Glass products can often find a long second life at home.


And there are still some rules that you should follow when you decide to recycle glass in Georgia.



 ✅ Can be recycled:
  • glass bottles and jars of any size and color
  • small bottles from cosmetics, perfumery and medicines
❎ Can NOT be recycled:
  • glass cookware (glasses, bowls, plates, etc.)
  • light bulbs
  • things made of tempered glass (used for furniture production, glass walls or steps)
  • mirrors
  • optical glass (eyeglasses, photo lenses)
  • car or window glass
❎ It is NOT glass:
  • tableware and interior items made of crystal
  • anything made of сeramics
❗️How to prepare your glass things for recycling?
  • please empty and rinse bottles and jars
  • if possible remove plastic or metal lids (but not obligatory)
  • if possible remove other metal details (for example used for lids in beer bottles)

    The glass will be broken during the recycling process so don’t worry to break a bottle when you throw it in the bin.

🌿 Useful tip:

 In Tbilisi there are several collection points of glass bottles for reuse. They collect wine, champagne and beer bottles, mineral water bottles, jars/bottles from sauces, pickles, ketchup & other products from most of Georgian producers – emptied and rinsed. They don’t accept irregular bottles from some wines and spirits. They even pay some money for every bottle!

The collection point we know is located here:

81 Chubinashvili str. (on the crossing with Tamar Mepe avenue)

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