Rules of paper recycling

Rules of paper recycling are much easier comparing to plastic. You don’t need to memorize all the different types. But there are also some specifics that you should keep in mind when you collect your paper waste for recycling.

 ✅ Can be recycled:
  • paper with some printing on it
  • different cardboard packaging of small and medium size
  • magazines
  • books
  • craft bags
  • envelopes
❎ Can NOT be recycled:
  • single-use coffee cups! Paper in them is covered with layers of plastic for insulation
  • any single-use delivery packaging with tinfoil or thin plastic layer inside (i.e. from noodles, cakes, soups, or any other hot dishes)
  • receipts (from ATMs & cashiers)
  • toilet paper (including cores) & dirty napkins
  • any stickers
  • paper packaging for eggs and take-away cup holders
  • photographs
  • wallpapers
  • cigarette packs
  • baking paper
  • white packaging paper
  • tetra pak packages
❗️ How to prepare your paper waste for recycling:
  • paper and cardboard should be clean from food scraps and not greasy
  • fold or flatten any cardboard boxes or paper bags
  • remove any metal or plastic details (i.e. binding, metal paper clips, plastic inserts)
  • check your paper for lamination by tearing it a little bit (you can remove it manually)
  • remove all duck tape from cardboard packaging even if it’s paper one
🌿 Other tips on paper waste::
  • you can compost napkins, paper or cardboard with food grease (i.e. pizza boxes)
  • you can collect not recyclable paper products and use them to kindle the fire on a picnic 🙂
  • you can definitely reuse several times paper bags before sending them to recycling


As an individual you can bring you can bring you paper waste to one of the collecting points in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Map of Clean World points

If you work in the office you can order special wooden box from NGO მწვანე საჩუქარი/Green Gift for free. Good hint: you can also order from them some goodies made from recycled paper: from bags to gift wrapping.

If you work in a big enterprise or production and you have a lot of large scale cardboard packaging you can contact Clean World and order a pick up service for it.

All paper collected in Georgia is recycled locally.

Remember, all recycled paper saves trees and prevents our ecosystem from desertion.

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